How To Make Yourself Do What You Don’t Want to Do


1. Rather than listening to the voice in your head that is screaming “I hate this; I don’t want to do this” think about why it is a GOOD thing to do.
2. Instead of trying to pretend that you don’t feel this way, accept that you are feeling very blah and negative.
3. Don’t think about results and how well you think you’ll do, as this could raise your feelings of anxiety and fear, just think about “right now” and the first thing you can do.
4. Accept that life is tough, and is full of things that suck – but recognise that doing hard stuff is better in the end. You’ll likely have more choices and freedom, if you do.
5. Just do a little bit for now – then give yourself a proper break – then go back and do some more – and soon you’ll find you’re in the flow.
6. Don’t allow your mind to wander and think of other things. Stay focused for that short time – and then stop, and have fun.

jesus frickin christ this is the first time i’ve woken up screaming in a while. god dang. i don’t want to go back to sleep but i’m exhausted. night terrors are the worst.

Yes, I do enjoy walking at night. The world’s more to my liking then, not so loud, not so fast, not so crowded, and a good deal more mysterious.

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i think i’m getting sick or something? i was pretty bummed after the adventure time episode, i felt like it brought up some pretty unpleasant memories and feelings about my own family i don’t think about very much, it was a really personal story and i haven’t been touched that way by a story in… ever, i don’t think.

but i tried talking out the feelings and drinking tea and eating candy and going to class and swimming and playing with my brother and sleeping but nothing really seemed to help. i’m still just… really sad no matter what i try. it’s been impossible to write feeling like this, even though i’m supposed to write a story that ends with both characters feeling like this anyway. 

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